Collection: Ultrasonic Cleaner TDR-XN Series VS Elma EP E-PLUS Series from China TDRFORCE Factory

Ultrasonic Cleaner 40KHz TDRFORCE Brand TDR-XN Series  VS Elma EP Series from China Best Factory having 30 years ultrasonic cleaning machine|steam cleaning machine TDRFORCE manufacturing.

The XN mechanical operational type adopts two stem mounted contros,one controls the adjustment of temperature,the other is for timing adjustment;two indicator lights correspondingly arranged are provided.

This type is applied to some materials requiring heating cleaning.

Customers can adjust and set a temperature in advance,and when the temperature is reached the cleaning work can be carried out.

TDRFORCE XN Series Ultrasonic Cleaner Products:

Ultrasonic Cleaner TDR-XN50-1(TDRFORCE)

Ultrasonic Cleaner TDR-XN50-2(TDRFORCE)

Ultrasonic Cleaner TDR-XN100-1(TDRFORCE)

Ultrasonic Cleaner TDR-XN100-2(TDRFORCE)

Ultrasonic Cleaner TDR-XN150-1(TDRFORCE)

Ultrasonic Cleaner TDR-XN150-2(TDRFORCE)

Ultrasonic Cleaner TDR-XN200-1(TDRFORCE)

Ultrasonic Cleaner TDR-XN200-2(TDRFORCE)

Ultrasonic Cleaner TDR-XN300-1(TDRFORCE)

Ultrasonic Cleaner TDR-XN300-2(TDRFORCE)

Ultrasonic Cleaner TDR-XN600-1(TDRFORCE)

Ultrasonic Cleaner TDR-XN600-2(TDRFORCE)


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