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30 years ultrasonic cleaning machine|steam cleaning machine TDRFORCE manufacturing

Ultrasonic Cleaner 40KHz TDRFORCE Model TDR-XN300-2 with 16L Tank VS Elma EP120H from China Best Factory

Ultrasonic Cleaner 40KHz TDRFORCE Model TDR-XN300-2 with 16L Tank VS Elma EP120H from China Best Factory

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Ultrasonic Cleaner 40KHz TDRFORCE Model TDR-XN300-2 with 16L Tank  VS Elma EP120H  from China Best Factory having 30 years ultrasonic cleaning machine|steam cleaning machine TDRFORCE manufacturing.



ITEM NO. : TDR-XN300-2
Tank dimension:330*300*200mm
Outer dimension: 354*325*400mm
Timer Range:0~15 Min
Heating Range:0~80
Manual Handle:Yes
Discharge Value: Yes


Ultrasonic Cleaner Factory: TDRFORCE had OEM for ELma for Many Years. TDR-XN300-2 have almost the Same Quality with Elma EP120H.


TDRFORCE XN Series Ultrasonic Cleaner PRODUCT FEATURE:

 The XN mechanical operational type adopts two stem mounted contros,one controls the adjustment of temperature,the other is for timing adjustment;two indicator lights correspondingly arranged are provided.
This type is applied to some materials requiring heating cleaning.
Customers can adjust and set a temperature in advance,and when the temperature is reached the cleaning work can be carried out.


TDRFORCE XN Series Ultrasonic Cleaner Products:

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Ultrasonic Cleaner TDR-XN50-2(TDRFORCE)

Ultrasonic Cleaner TDR-XN100-1(TDRFORCE)

Ultrasonic Cleaner TDR-XN100-2(TDRFORCE)

Ultrasonic Cleaner TDR-XN150-1(TDRFORCE)

Ultrasonic Cleaner TDR-XN150-2(TDRFORCE)

Ultrasonic Cleaner TDR-XN200-1(TDRFORCE)

Ultrasonic Cleaner TDR-XN200-2(TDRFORCE)

Ultrasonic Cleaner TDR-XN300-1(TDRFORCE)

Ultrasonic Cleaner TDR-XN300-2(TDRFORCE)

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TDRFORCE XN Series Ultrasonic Cleaner  APPLICATION:

1.Equipment spare-parts of electronic and electrical industry

Relay\Potentiometer\Vacuum tube parts\Semiconductor element\Capacitor\Camera shutter\Printed circuit board\Magnetic head

2.Jade processing, clock, optics

Apparatus and instrument parts\Scale-plate parts\Jewelry\Lens\Spectacles frame\Noble metal decoration

3.Mechanical process

Bearing\gear\Spring\Vernier caliper\measuring tool\Oil choke\oil pump\Screw rod\air valve\pneumatic elements

4.Automotive, motorcycle and aircraft industries

Automotive air valve, glow plug, gasification plug, fuel pump, piston ring, battery terminal, machine control hand-wheel, motorcycle air-valve

5.Rubber industry

Tire, rubber gloves used for surgical hospital

6.Aviation industry

Fuel oil filter, fuel instrument, injection nozzle used in instrument, parts used in flow control equipment and machine control equipment and serial hydraulic products

7.Cheese, brewing industries

Bottle, cover, cook appliance, dish flatware

8.Printing industry

Rotative machine, metal plate

9.Atomic energy industry

Control rod, fuel pump, container, glass, analysis sample

10.Medical treatment

Injectors, operating instrument, pipet, glass container, esophagoscope, dental machinery, proctoscope, direction lens, microscope-used sample glasses

11.Repair industry

beep pager, circuit boards of mobile phone

12.Repairing of automobile and motorbike

Automobile carbureter,Exhaust pipe of motorcycle with dust stratification

13.Chemical fiber

Fiber and spinning board

14.Spinning and weaving

Cooling fins of the steel boxes

15.Magnetic industry

Magnetic powder to be cleaned


Surface of plating work-pieces

17.Locomotive and car

Cooling fins of the locomotive

18.Electric porcelain

Electric porcelain pieces

19.Knives-scissors industry

Knives and scissors

20.Pharmaceutical industry

Medicine bottles

21.Crystal industry


22.Inkjet printer, graphic plotter

The blow head of the inkjet printers and head of the graphic plotter

Any Question such as the price of Ultrasonic Cleaner TDRFORCE Model TDR-XN300-2 or Installation or troubleshooting, Feel Free to Request A Quotation at the end of Page; Our TDRFORCE Factory  would give a repy wihtin 2 Working Days. TDRFORCE Ultrasonic Cleaner have been TOP Sale on Amazon, and has our own Warehouse and office in U.S.A.

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